Body of Work
Reunited doesn't feel so good

After the battle with the Ice Demon ended, Yptyn asked Vyrellis what the hell that was all about. She said he was known as Thraath Zorn, and was the first threat to be imprisoned in the pyramid that was not an associate of Karavakos. As for why he was so mad at her, she explained that she was part of the group that had put him here. We searched the room and the anteroom at the back, but found it to be nothing more than a magical meat locker.

While we rested, we were harrased by a couple of archers. Yptyn tried to convince them diplomatically that there was no reason for us to fight, but that just prompted them to try to convince him to join them. Yptyn declined, telling them that getting on Sheva’s bad side was a spectacularly stupid idea.

We drove them off, but that means they are still out there somewhere.

So when we looked through the north door and saw a room with a split staircase leading up around the walls with a central pit, Yptyn said “not only does this look like a trap designed to throw at least one of us into the pit, but also a really bad place to be exposed if one had archers set on harassing them while vulnerable.”

We decided that while we probably were going to have to deal with this room sooner or later, it would be best if we could do so after the archers have been dealt with.

That left us to explore the room to the west, and in there was a strange sight – a headless body suspended between four pillars by crackling beams of energy apparently emanating from crystals on top of those pylons. Once Vyrellis saw it, she immediately began to shout “My body! My body! You must retrieve my body!”

Somehow knocking over the pillars became a contest of strength between Sheva, Brack, and Gargan, whith Khadi cheering Sheva on. Once one of the pillars went over, the body fell to the ground. As Yptyn attempted to cautiously draw closer, the obsidian orb containing Vyrellis was yanked from his hand by a tremendous force and embedded itself into the chest of the body…and she started screaming in pain.

Apparently this was simply an elaborate trap and torture for the disembodied eladrin and her bearers – surprise surprise. The body began to fight us and we were forced to destroy it in order to free Vyrellis. She is now depleted and demoralized from this experience.

[We received 600 xp for the encounter with Thrath Zorn and his chill zombies and Vyrellis’ body]

Ice Ice Baby
Hatin' on Vyrellis

We headed down the corridor across from the chapel of the succubus.

We started to notice vines intruding along the walls, and such vegetation gradually increased until we came into a larger jungle like area. The creatures here were under the control of Kamnor, and led us to him again. We told him of our triumph over Gharish Vren and the Succubus. This caused another of his “episodes”, where he mused aloud that once we make our escape our combined power could be used to dominate the land and make the world obey Melora. He then collected his wits, and the only further questionable behavior was asking us to swear an oath to Melora (with the implication that this might be submitting to his interpretation of her will). Only Khadi complied, though everyone else’s rationale for declining seemed acceptable…aside from Brack’s fumbled diplomacy check. In addition to the ceremony to swear her allegiance, she opted to also perform her arboreal totem ritual as well, and Kamnor eagerly participated. The rest of the party was asked to merely symbolicly pantomime letting some of their blood at the appropriate point in the proceedings.

We received sufficient (800) xp to level up, and we were able to do so while we rested in Kamnor’s sanctum, and he even assisted in creating some magical items for us.

Examining our map, we concluded there were only a few passages we had yet to explore: the passage north of the bone pile room, or the door north of the water room that Vyrellis had previously warned us against until we were more powerful. So, feeling more powerful after our recent conquests, we decided to give it a shot.

Through that door was a room with exits to the west and east. The east exit had an ornate set of double doors rimed with ice. Upon opening the doors, a blast of cold radiated out into the hallway. In the room were several pillars of ice, which upon closer examination seemed to have humanoid figures encased within. Then a demonic creature of frost entered from the south of this room and attacked. Meanwhile, one by one the humanoid figures were released and were revealed to be zombies of some sort.

When Yptyn readied the head of Vyrellis to use her new daily power upon the demon, he recognized her and began demanding we hand her over for her crimes or wotnot. We were able to destroy all the undead and drop the demon, but it was an extremely close battle.

[Earlier we had found in a secret area in the succubus’ chapel a pair of Couters of 2nd Chance, with an additional effect of granting +1 to combat heal checks. From a chest in Gharish Vren’s room we retrieved a 5 usable Moonstones – one was crushed as we were forced to smash the chest open – and a black pearl. We also retrieved a moonstone from a statue in a smallish chamber off the lizard man water tube room which seemed to pass energy to Vyrellis. We also found a similar effect from a large (broach-sized) garnet in the chapel room, and it appears these are bits of Vyrellis’ life energy being returned to her]

Life and Undeath
Rest for the Wicked. And Now for Us as Well.

We rested up, then decided to check the Charnal Lord Pit for treasure. Since Yptyn can detect magic, he was elected to ride the trap along with Sheva to see what we could find.

In an attempt to position ourselves near the wall we had made handholds in, Yptyn inadvertantly triggered the trap. We tumbled down the ramp, with Sheva catching himself easily and Yptyn barely catching himself on the edge of the pit. The Yptyn detected both negative and natural magic energies, but only the latter were sufficiently concentrated to indicate that it might be harvestable.

So we called for Khadi to come on down, and she almost managed to bowl Yptyn over as she tumbled down and into the pit. She and Sheva harvested parts and sensory organs from the carcass, and used Sheva’s cloak to wrap them up in [creating the “Hobo Bag of Horrid Charnal Lord Parts”]. The bag was big, bulky, and gross, but Khadi hauled it around anyway and it didn’t seem to slow her down any.

Next we decided that now that the priest and the lord were defeated, we could finally destroy the undead that Vyrellis had indicated could be found north of the entrance room. To get there, we took the stairs out of the trap room and found ourselves at the door to the southern alcove of the water room. As long as we were there, we went up to the north door, and Yptyn asked V if she knew anything about what was beyond. She seemed to fade into the distance, then returned looking disheveled and as if she had been exposed to a fierce winter storm.

“Don’t go that way” she said.

So we returned to the entrance room, then headed north. We found that the passage way branched east and continued north, and just past this T intersection on the left was a set of double doors.

We entered them into a room with another set of double doors on the right, and a room partially filled with a large pile of bones. We were set upon by Charnal Rats and a swarm of babies. We destroyed them fairly easily, with a couple of them fleeing back into the bone pile. Khadi insisted we dig through the bones, and doing so we were attacked by the rats again, but this time they were all finally destroyed.

We opened the other set of doors and were partially buried in more bones.

We then returned to the hedge room to take another extended rest. It was interrupted by another shambling mound who this time was accompanyed by a [kruthik]. Behind them was a robed figure who turned out to be Kamnor and a huge bear. We were also flanked by two more arboreals. Kamnor shouted out a challenge invoking Melora’s name, and Khadi responded that she too revered the Goddess of Nature.

This seemed to lessen Kamnor’s aggression, but he still insisted that potential allies should be tested. Only the mound and the [kruthik] continued to attack, and after a brief confrontation Yptyn managed to subdue both with a well placed thunderwave. Seeing both our strength and restraint, Kamnor called for a truce and a parley.

He explained that he and his allies had been trapped in this prison and were holding this area against the forces of the Charnal Lord. Khadi told him we had defeated the abomination, and turned over the Hobo Bag of Horrid Charnal Lord Parts as proof and peace offering. Kamnor accepted us as allies, and let us know he could provide us with sanctuary so that our extended rests would now be completed without incident.

Pyramid Exploration
Don't Stop. But Definitely Don't Keep Moving!

We decided to press on and not try to take an extended rest after the battle at the end of the previous session.

Khadi stated that our priority should be to kill the undead that is to the north of the entrance/pit room, but Vyrellis indicated we’d need to kill the forces creating them for that to be effective. She thought there was an evil priest of some kind in the “water creature” area to the west.

We tried to dash past the corpse pit, but Brack was wacked by a tentacle, so we engaged and killed the carrion crawlers that had survived our initial encounter with them.

The room to the west had a lowered floor filled with water, and at the door level there was a wooden rope bridge descending to a platform on the far side. Two similar rope bridges led up from that platform to the left and right into alcoves.

As we entered, two harpies attacked, and their song drew Yptyn out into the water. In the water was a shahaguin priest and warriors which attacked. Only one of the Harpies survived to escape, but we were severely drained and damaged by the encounter. We attempted to rest in the water room, but were pestered by minor creatures living in the water and zombies wandering down from the corpse pit behind us.

We returned to the garden room to attempt an extended rest there. [We were given 600xp at this point, so those who were still at level 5 could level up]

We were disturbed by an attack consisting of a Satyr, a Shambling Mound, and another Arboreal. Only the Satyr managed to escape. We were pestered by minor creatures here too, and everyone started the day down at least one healing surge, and Yptyn’s feeble endurance was taxed (-1 to hit and damage for the day).

We consulted again with V., and she indicated that exploring out the two exits from the water room might put us into encounters we weren’t yet ready to handle. She also still insisted that the “Lord” of the area south and west of us would need to be faced to stop the threat of the undead, but that might also be to much for us to handle as of yet.

Khadi however hates undead and other abominations, so decided that if we must face a “Lord” using or creating undead then now was the time. So we headed west from the garden room, and through an “S” shaped corridor. As we progressed Yptyn detected negative magical energies, and a squeeze through a final narrow passage into an anteroom with a door gave us a sensation of passing into a different plane.

We opened a set of double doors, and saw a long room with statues of robed figures on either end facing each other. there was a stairway directly across the room from where we entered, and another set of double doors on the far end. We decided to check the doors first, but as we crossed the room as a group the floor gave way and threw us down a ramp into a pit.

In the pit was a huge disgusting creature, much like an Otyugh but reeking of the stench of undeath and protected by a bony matrix of its former victims. Yptyn and Khadi fell all the way down and were face to face with it, and quickly discovered being that close created a revulsion so strong it was almost impossible to look at it, let alone direct attacks in its direction [-2 to hit if directly adjacent].

The more athletically inclined members of the party had managed to catch themselves on the ramp or at the edge, but climbed and jumped down in order to protect the female dwarf and diminutive gnome lest they become a quick snack.

Despite their revulsion, the party deployed themselves so that everyone had the benefit of flanking, and in a tough fight managed to kill the horrid abomination. We then used a climbing kit to make our way back up the ramp to discover how to activate the trap in such a way as to return us to the room and away from the disgusting carcass. We did so with relatively minor mishaps (Yptyn fell back into the pit trying to get past Sheva in the corner were we could examine and activate the mechanism, and Brack was momentarily left behind when we subsequently triggered it).

Into the Pyramid of Shadows
To Face Karavakos?

After we rested following the battle with Sam and Yan, we decided to head to Nobalius. On the way, Brack and Yptyn took the slight detour into Zun to explain what had occurred at Zun Peak Springs & Grove, and that the couple had been slain before we could help them.

As we approached Nobalius, we saw a group of mounted knights practicing formation movement. So we approached them and were met by Shieldman Betteah (betty-eh). Sheva threw Yan’s (headless) body to the ground, and Yptyn explained we had come to warn the Lords of Nobalius of a threat we had discovered against them. Betteah then brought his liege, Lord Kernanish, over to hear our report. Yptyn gave a recounting of what we had learned, and Brack mentioned we had retrieved documents from Sharli’s corpse, which they asked if we could turn over to them. They thanked us for our diligence in making them aware of this threat, but mentioned that the Lords had many who held grudges against them and it might be of little further consequence.

They offered to share hospitality with us in town, but only if Sheva would put away his collection of skulls and heads. This offended both he and Khadi, so they announced they would not stay for more insults and walked off. Yptyn apologized if his companions appeared rude or uncouth, but that while their customs were very different they have proven to be brave and worthy companions in our adventures so far. Kernanish replied that he had meant no offense and that surely Yptyn and Brack understood why he had made the request.

He asked if we had any further business, and Yptyn explained the party’s plan to re-open Talon Pass and to claim the keep as a base of operations, and that while we felt we had earned the right to do so by conquest, we still did not wish to seem presumptious to do so without the blessing of the nearby Lords and/or representatives of the Imperium. Kernanish agreed that claiming just the keep was well within our rights, but we should not presume to take any of the lands surrounding it without it being granted, and to do that we’d probably need to be titled. He suggested we speak to Jura, Princess of Svenschtupp when we were ready.

We returned than to Shrnell’s Tower and were greated by him and his men enthusiastically, heard our reports of our adventures putting down the undead and their masters, and we saw the black dragon’s head had been mounted for all to see. While we feasted, we were approached by a Goliath named Gargan, who was looking for a group to help him take revenge against Gharish Vrenn. We explained that we had started this leg of our our adventure trying to capture that bandit for the reward, had learned he was hiding in the area of the Pyramid of Shadows, and that was now finally our destination.

That night, after our intention to return to The Shadows was finalized, Karavakos entered our dreams again. Khadi and Yptyn were slightly drained the next day by the experience.

We returned next to TPK, and felt that Dweezil now understood our aims and had earned our trust left him in command of his Kobold brethren in our absence while explored the Pyramid.

We then returned to the Shadows, passed through the Crooked Gate, and arrived at the location where we had encountered the arboreals previously. They appeared, and we explained our intention to approach the Pyramid. The sent us along a path made by the foliage parting before and after us, and traveling through the forest in this manner we eventually came upon a clearing.

In the clearing we found a small golden pyramid apparently infused with magic. After some debate on how to proceed, Khadi touched the Pyramid, and either it grew or we shrank, and then we found ourselves inside it…

...right into an encounter with an ettin and a pit featuring two carrion crawlers and periodically some zombies arose from the corpses in the pit. We killed the ettin, destroyed the attacking zombies, and drove off the crawlers. Investigating the area we found a bag containing a magical black globe. Inside the globe appeared the face of an eladrin princess. She seemed to prefer being held by Brack, but eventally consented to be kept by Yptyn after refusing Khadi’s offer to bear her along.

Her name is Vyrellis, and she shared what she knows of Karavokos and the Pyramid. Apparently Karavakos had created the Pyramid as a mobile fortress to further his plans of world domination, but had been defeated and it was made into a prison for him. He was split into multiple aspects to diminish his power, and we were likely going to have to find and defeat all of them in order to escape.

She was able to describe the immediate area: There were undead to the north, water creatures down the stairs to the west, lizard men to the east, and “Khad’s friends” to the south. She also mentioned that a group of adventurers had passed through recently and headed to the northeast(?).

Since we hoped we might gain some potential allies, we headed south, and found the corridor had vines and roots intruding into it, and finally opened up into a large room where we could no longer see the ceiling and filled by a large garden and hedge maze. We encountered a Dire Boar at a pool as we came around a corner. While fighting it, we were flanked by arboreals and also what appeared to be an attractive female adventurer came running towards us calling out for help, but turned into a hag as she got close and attacked. Khadi tried to get the arboreals to stand down by announcing her devotion to Melora, but they derided her faith and said she should be worshipping Cameron(?) instead.

[We retrieved 27 gp, 2 bottles of wine and 1 of brandy, and some historical scrolls from Sam’s hut. Shrnell gave us 100 gp for our assistance in thwarting the undead threat. Brack sold the elaborate lacquered armor and the sword for 80gp.

We received 100 xp so far for our adventures in the Pyramid]

Paranoia Grove
A Young Couple Dies, but so does Sam

Yptyn used the Comprehend Languages Spell to decipher the documents found on Sharli’s body. It seems she was in the employ of an individual from the east named Yan, who has a grudge against the Lords of Nobalius.

We found the young couple nearby, traped in a natural cage of branches, roots and vines. We discussed their fate, wether we could trust them or not, and if maybe we should use them as bait. This seemed to agitate them, and they became wary of us. Yptyn explained to them that with all we had gone through we were as paranoid and confused as they were, which they seemed to understand. We sent them to try to find the druid in the grove while we stayed behind to rest and investigate the portal.

Further investigation of the portal revealed that it is probably an artifact left behind by the Primordials. Khadi was unable to activate it, and felt she was not in touch with the correct spirits to do so.

We then headed to the Zun Springs Grove, and as we approached the young couple flagged us down and said they had a message from the druid. We could take the contents of the chest in his camp, or travel to the end of the wash and meet our doom. We let the couple lead us to the druid’s campsite, and found a lean-to with freshly prepared meals and wine set out. There was also an elaborate chest there, probably originally used to protect Imperial Payroll gold during shipment.

We checked the chest for traps, and found it had a nasty double trap. Dweezil with Yptyn’s assistance managed to disarm it. Inside was golden statue.

Some in the party were suspicious of the food and wine, but the couple said they had consumed some and felt fine. Khadi then raised doubts in their minds about that when she checked them, seemed concerned, and brewed them a tea from natural herbs found in the area. The rest of the party foraged for a meal, and the couple decided not to push their luck and were fed from the party rations. Yptyn threw caution to the winds and enjoyed the druid’s hospitality. This caused Khadi to search in earnest for some real healing herbs in the morning and made another batch of tea for the couple and Yptyn.

Eventhough Brack and Yptyn were uneasy about allowing the couple to travel without protection, Khadi and Sheva were adamant that we could not risk any deception involving the couple. We told them to try to make their way back to Zun without us, and wished them luck. We headed down the wash that exited the grove, not sure if we should try to call the Druid’s bluff and face him, or simply head to Nobalius directly to report the threat we had uncovered. As we traveled. the couple was seen shadowing us off to the side of the wash. Sheva told them they had best move on and away from us.

We were unable to find anything at any location that could be described as “the end of the wash”, so we felt our decision had been made for us and we took the path back towards Nobalius. which would also be the path back to Zun. This is important because there was some discussion of calling out the leadership of Zun for allowing Sam to operate from there. Or maybe just challenge Fez because Sheva doesn’t like him.

Along the way, we found evidence of a scuffle, and a piece of torn bloody clothing that seemed like it could have come from the young woman. Tracks led back west, towards where another set of barrow mounds were supposed to lie. We headed in that direction, suspecting the threat from the mounds was apparently not yet finished despite vanquishing Sharli.

At the mounds we opened a door, and inside were some relatively weak undead. But as we started to mop them up, we were flanked by some wights, and a hooded figure in eastern garb made an appearance on top of the mound we were facing.

And then Sam joined in as well.

During the fight, Yptyn had retreated near a mound with a closed door, and heard some scratching sounds from within. Towards the end of the battle, while Sam was retreating again in gaseous form, and Yan was being swarmed by the rest of the party, Yptyn heard screams from inside the barrow. Then two undead fighters and one of the undead puma burst out of the door and attacked him. The puma appeared to covered in fresh gore, entrails dripping from its maw.

Yptyn made an expeditious retreat from these new threats and towards Sam, joining with Sheva and Khadi to chase him down. The Oni was ultimately dispatched by Sheva’s archery skills. Dweezil and Brack meanwhile finished off the remaining combatants at the mounds, and found the shredded bodies of the young couple inside the barrow the puma had exited.

Sheva took Yan’s head as a trophy, and we collected his body to bring along to Nobalious.

[We found a +2 Orb on Yan, and a +1 Longbow on the body of one of the more powerful combatants we had faced, and we recieved 360 XP]

The Ugly Side of Nature
Slammin' Sam and Sharli

Went to Zun and talked to Fez who was responsible for guarding the small town.

They main focus of the town center is a well, which has a newer gazebo built over much older stonework, perhaps of dwarven make.

Fez claimed they have not seen any undead, and the only unusual news was reports of a party of wounded pilgrims fleeing along the nearby road that needed some healing.

Fez agreed to accompany us out to the nearest barrows, where the town buried their dead. On the way there we saw a small hut, and Fez said a hermit named Sam lived there.

We found nothing untoward in their barrows.

We then met with the town elders, represented by Tazula.

We spent the night a hundred yards or so away from the town center, near a goat pen. While Sheva was on watch, Sam ambled toward our camp. Sheva warned him to keep his distance, and Sam replied he was just out on patrol and gave Sheva the stink-eye.

Later we were attacked by some skeleton archers. Once we began to engage them, a group of wights flanked us from the goat pen. Finally a large winged humanoid figure flew overhead and landed to flank us on the other side of the wights. We killed all the undead and drove off the strange winged figure, who grabbed Sheva’s dropped bow before he fled.

Fez and some town guardsmen were seen to have observed the battle. While Fez seemed relatively unmoved, the more inexperienced townsmen were clearly in awe of what they had just witnessed.

We went out to talk to Sam to see if he knew anything of what had happened, since he had wandered by not long before the attack. He claimed not to know anything, and said he’d come into town that night to meet with us and the elders. He also mentioned that now that our story of dangerous undead had been confirmed, he was a bit concerned about a young couple he had sent to the spring grove to deliver some wine to the druid there, receive his blessings, and honeymoon there.

The elders that night confirmed that the young attractive couple were indeed gone, and we were asked to try to find them and protect them from danger.

We then investigated the next closest barrow mound, and found they had been picked clean of all but the most decrepid of bones.

We then headed for Zun peak, and the spring which flowed from its side. After some discussion on how to make our approach, we decided to go to the spring first, then follow the flow to the grove.

After a fairly difficult scramble around the base of the mountain, we noticed a somewhat odd rock formation in the distance, and we decided to investigate. As we approached it appeared to be a ravine in the side of the mountain, but the details were obscured somehow. As we finally drew close, we penetrated whatever glamour was masking the area and could see what appeared to be a stone portal up against a large flat cliff where the ravine met the mountain. Large square stone blocks a few inches high but several feet across were set in the ground before it, forming something of a path. As we approached, we saw Sam, who then changed form into the large winged figure we had seen previously. At this point Dweezil recognized the monster as an Oni (from stories he’d heard from other Kobold tribes). After we engaged him in battle, a wight and some kind of massive undead bear with gems for eyes attacked as well. Sam was badly damaged quickly by our attacks, and called out “Sharli, you bitch, I need your hepl!” then attempted to flee by changing into a gaseous form and floating away.

Shortly there after a beautiful woman and an undead puma appeared and joined the attack. She responded “Sam, if you can’t handle these meddlers then why do I bother to pay you? You are fired – get out of here”.

We ultimately prevailed over all the undead foes, but Sam was able to float away out of reach. On Sharli’s body, which once she was dead transformed into a old scarred hag, we found various voodoo magic implements and documents written in an indecipherable script.

[We received 450 xp for the battle at Zun and the battle with Sam and Sharli at the portal]

Through The Talon Pass, Again
From growth to undeath

Khadi returned to us the following morning, none the worse for the wear apparently. We agreed that we would return to The Buskin to fulfill our agreement to “discourage” the rising tide of undead.

On the way back, we spotted an orc scout, and ran him down. He was from the warfist tribe (?). We explained to him that we are not enemies of theirs unless they would be so foolish as to attack. We told him we had also encountered the nightfist orcs and despite our efforts to parley, they initiated hostilities and payed the price for their foolishness. We told him to tell his people we were going to be re-opening the Talon Pass, and they are not to harass travelers trying to use it. On the other hand, we would be happy to help them directly ourselves should they need it, or by allowing them access to peaceful trade along the route.

We made it back to our new base, and camped for the night. We all had dreams that showed us a vision of travelling through twisty passages through the mountain emerging at the cave where the spiretop drakes nested, and below that another entrace with the remains of the Kobolds that had served Skat.

The next morning we made our way around the mountain and entered the cave of the Kobolds. Desipite the treacherous defense set, Yptyn’s stinking cloud completely destroyed their tactical advantage as we crossed a trench to reach their main camp. Upon seeing how hopelessly outmatched they were, the Kobolds surrendered to us. We told them of our plans to re-open Talon Pass and to make the dungeon complex on the other side of the mountain our base of operations. As with the warfist, we warned them not to mess with travelers using the pass, but would make sure their needs were met as our minions. We gave them some trail rations as a show of good faith.

Return to the Shadows
Shrub dudes do weird things to Khadi

We returned to The Buskin and turned the head of the black dragon Skat over to Lord Shrnell’s men, as agreed. We were treated as heroes by the farmer peasants there, and had a dinner of goat meat. One of the Lord’s men, dude, said they had investigated an old barrow and he had lost a man there to the undead. We agreed to check it out in the afternoon while our feast was being prepared.

Two of the barrows were empty, but a third had some zombie snakes and skeletons in it, apparently lead by a wraith. We kicked their butts and demonstrated that we are indeed a capable party.

We then had to head all the way back to the shadows to turn over the Jade Chalice to the shrub people who had given this quest to us. In the morning after our first night of camping, a large rock was tossed into our camp and bonked Sheva on the head. Attached to the rock was a note, claiming “Dis be my rode – u pay me 100 guld to pass threw”. Khadi pinned the note to a tree, and peed on it.

We made it through Talon Pass, and the only incident was meeting a tiefling named Alec, with a halfling named Jody and an unnamed goblin. We shared a quick meal with them to demonstrate our peaceful intentions. They seemed surprised at our intention to re-open the pass and provide lodging and supplies. We asked him what we could stock up on for him, and he asked for ?

We made it back through the “Crooked Gate”, and stopped at the location where previously we had been told we should not go further without repurcussions. The shrub dudes showed up, accepted the Jade Chalice from Khadi, and rather than return our original items, handed Sheva a set of +1 leather armor, with two properties (basically acts as Armor of Repulsion and a Belt of Poison or whatnot).

Khadi left us to go train, and the rest of us were asked to help collect some fresh kill for further rituals. As we left we noticed them doing funky things to Khadi’s chest. The animals we were tasked to kill turned out to be shadow hounds, and we killed one and drove the other off.

Attrition in Talon Pass Keep

Sometime between the last entry and the next, both Boca and Obak were killed.

We had found a room with tapestries on the walls and hung in the center of the room. We fought off some dire rats and rat swarms, but in the course of that we had triggered some arbolesters and they started firing upon us. Unfortunately they had been programmed to focus fire on anyone who had passed the furthest tapestry hung in the center of the room, and Boca had stepped across that line to deliver the killing blow to the rat swarm while she herself had become bloodied. She was then felled by a powerful volley of their missiles. The rest of the party were able to kill them, while Obak took care of the tapestries by burning them.

We found a secret door into an area that seemed as it had not been entered in centuries, and hid Boca’s body there. We then continued out into another area. Further exploration uncovered more undead, which we destroyed.

Finally we found a room with a ramp up to and through an archway. An imp heckled us and disappeared. We were attacked again in this room but again we prevailed. We then headed up the ramp and opened the doors. They saw a room shaped like an inverted ziggurat, and Obak and Sheva entered.

When they did, a portcullis dropped in the doorway, and doors opened and allowed undead into the area where Sheva and Obak were now trapped separated from the party. While they defended themselves, the two dwarves Brack and Khadi managed to lift the dropped gate and allow the rest of the party inside. Obak was able to climb to the higher levels, and saw a robed figure messing with some controls, and was harrased by the imp we saw earlier. As the rest of the party struggled to try to reach the top, Obak was able to drive the wizard from the controls, and he attempted to manipulate or destroy them in hopes that would help the party.

But he had taken too much damage and had been too long separated from his healer to spend even more time on this solo mission, and was killed by the devious imp. The rest of the part was able to finally reach the top level and kill the wizard, then they retrieved Obak’s corpse.

Along the way we found some jade relics, including the jade chalice that Khadi had promised to the Arboreals.

Yptyn used his Tenser’s Floating Disk ritual to allow us to transport the bodies to the nearest outpost of civilization: Shrnell’s Tower. There we paid 100gp to have the bodies shipped to Clayton.


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