Entering the Mountain
and more party discord

At or near where we fought the Nightfist Mercenaries there was a fork in the road. One path lead up the mountain, and we could just make out what might be a terrace above us. So we headed up, and were attacked by the thieving drakes again. Up on the terrace, we found what might be the remains of a tower, and in the rubble found an entrance into the mountain.

Inside there was a room with two sets of double doors and the wreckage of what appeared to be a trap. One set of doors had “Don’t” crudely scratched upon it in common. So we went through ;)

Inside we were attacked by a dark one and a pack of zombies.

Continuing on, we entered a room were what looked like another Nightfist mercenary was pinned down behind a pillar by a group of kobolds up on a ledge, firing with their slings. Once the Kobolds had been reduced in number, a couple of them fled deeper into the complex, while the orc fled back the way we came. Obak warned him to stop or we’d kill him, but the orc didn’t seem willing to accept his offer. Then Boca and Yptyn caught up with them and Boca was able to intimidate the orc into surrendering, at which point Obak continued to attack him – a disturbingly dishonorable act as far the dragonborn and the gnome were concerned. Boca left to rejoin the others in disgust, as did Yptyn after telling Obak he was disgusted by such behavior.

We caught up to the others as the fleeing kobold caster lead us back into another set of rooms, where he found some reinforcements to help him fight us. We prevailed anyway.

While Yptyn started to attempt to pick the locks on some cabinets we found, Obak starting telling his version of the events with the fleeing orc, so Yptyn stopped concentrating on the detail work so that his side of the story could be heard.

Sheva smashed open the cabinets during the discussion and found a few items, including +1 Scale Mail of Recall

Step and Fetch for Shrub Dudes

That night at the Crooked Gate, only those who had determined to close their minds to Karavakos were able to sleep well. The others were visited by the mage in their dreams. Yptyn was told that he should come, but not just yet – the implication being we were not quite powerful enough. Shiva had a vision of being powerful and having lots of magical items…and then had a vision of being powerful without them.

Those that had the dreams experienced some after affects. Most were groggy for a while, then later a bit more perceptive than usual (1st perception check of the day at -2, then +1 until next extended rest). Yptyn was troubled and did not feel fully rested (lost a healing surge).

As we continued down the path, we spotted a Dark One up ahead. As we cautiously approached, a zone of darkness appeared to our left. Obak continued ahead roused some plant-type dudes, who advised us that had we gone farther we’d have to be sacrificed in atonement.

As it was, they offered to face off against a champion of our choosing against one of their number to see if we could avoid any serious penalty. Sheva immediately stepped forward to volunteer, though Braak was chafing to go in his stead.

Shiva was defeated, though they were impressed by his attempt. His magical items were forfeit, but the leader was interested in Khadi’s Rod of Dark Renewal, and allowed Shiva to keep the skull necklace in exchange for it.

Khadi expressed an interest in observing the blood ritual of atonement, and they implied that there would be such a ritual using the blood of a creature known to us. They then brought forward the rage drake, which had been subdued and bound. We then observed the drake being bled by the ritual, and Khadi was given the blade used in the ceremony, along with further information about it.(It does seem to be some sort of ritual blade – specific rituals can be performed with it that activate some of its powers for the next day).

They then told us they would return the items and allow us passage if we retrieved for them a Jade Chalice. He then advised us to either return to Kern to do more research about the Jade Chalice Lords (as many other seekers after their treasure were doing), or head east to intercept patrols of orcs that themselves were searching for the treasures.

We decided on the latter, and soon after we found a trail leading into the mountains of Summer Pass, we encountered a band of Nightfist Orcs. After Sheva and Khadi tried to do some Orc Diplomacy (a.k.a. intimidation and insults), they decided that we should enter into combat after all. They were outmatched and we defeated them handily.

Later that day, as we approached one of the largest mountains in the area, we came upon the Nightfist Mercenaries. This time, Sheva and Khadi’s taunts and bluster lead us to have another champion battle. This time Braak stepped up to represent us, and they sent in their largest warrior.

After she became bloodied, the half-orc priest seemed to have a moment of doubt about wether to uphold their agreement, or win by any means necessary. Finally he shouted to his allies in orcish “It goes poorly for her, attack them fools!”. He then enraged Khadi’s primal spirit, who was then unable to resist rushing forward to attack.

Once again this day we prevailed, and despite the offers of their halfling associate to surrender, it was decided that it was too risky this time to take prisoners, so we put him down.

Pyramid of Shadows
or Opportunity Attacks

work in progress

We sold the greentail thingie to the the ghost tribe bugbear couple Bertha and Max. They also took the three pouches of goblin healing powder. Total 640gp.

We made it back to Pooter to return Velma and the alchemy chest to Count Gottfreid.

Returned to Clayton and informed The Baron of our activities. We then spent a week training and re-equipping.

We advanced to level 4

The Baron has no work currently that requires our special “skills”, so we discuss how we might want to spend our time. Since clearly our association has been profitable so far, it makes sense to try to retrieve treasure to better outfit ourselves.

Pooling our information, we decide there are a few opportunities for adventure in the region:

  • Dragonborn artifacts turning up and are said to have been found in a region south of Verdant controlled by tribal lizardmen
  • There is a 850gp bounty on the head of Gharish Vren, a dragonborn bandit who despite being caught last winter and held in Kern by imperial guards, recently escaped.
  • There are reports that a black dragon has been spotted near the town of Griffon’s Rest. The empire has a standing bounty of 100gp for each dragon head presented.
  • Sets of jade items that harken back to ancient times(The Jade Chalice Lords?) have been turning up in the area of Summer Pass.

Since the area the bandit has been operating in is not far from Pooter (and 850gp is still a lot of money for us), we decide to determine where his hideout is. We find out that retreats to an area of the forest that is “close” to The Feywild. Actually Yptyn knows (Rolled a crit on history check) that historically many such “thin” spots have been reported roughly in a band running just north of The Fey woods to west of the Tall woods, passing through the ? mountains.

Yptyn also notes that the area is also the rumored location of the Pyramid of Shadows. A recurring dream that dabblers in the arcane in the area experience features visions of a golden pyramid in the shadows of the forest. And the face of some variously named mage summoning them to come and claim (or reclaim) their heart’s desire.

So we head to that area, and stay at “Only Inn” again. That night Yptyn had that very dream, only this time the face had “Karavakos” spelled out underneath it, as if to make sure we knew the name.

The next day, we find a footpath leading more or less in the direction to where Gharish Vren is supposed to camp. As we made camp for the night in the woods, in fact just as we were sharing a meal together, we were set upon by combatants. There were three dwarven hammer soldiers, a rage drake apparently under their command, and two human soldiers in hide with clubs and daggers. These opponents were tough, but Obak distracted the two humans on the right flank long enough for the dwarves and their pet to be put down by the other group.

Boca blasted them with both her Dragon Breath and her more potent Tempest Breath. Sheva was caught in the blast, and later both Boca and Yptyn asked for a cleaner front line when possible to avoid such friendly fire incidents.

Just as the last human surrendered, a shimmering image of Karavakos appeared and asked “Why do you search for the Pyramid of Shadows?”

“We aren’t” replied Yptyn.

“We are hunting for a bandit who preys upon the good people of this area. He is thought to make his camp somewhere in this forest”

“Ah, by Melora – you should come to the Pyramid then, for Gharish Vren is indeed here”. Then the figure seemed to cast a spell and those foes that were down but not dead were blasted by ball lightning. Then the apparition vanished, though at the last instant it faded, somebody saw a couple faces in the background.

Where the Karvakos’ image had been there was a small piece of parchment. On it was a map that showed how to find the Pyramid of Shadows.

Khadi was able to revive and tame the rage drake.

Later on the way to the gate of crooked trees indicated on the map, we stopped for lunch to forage a bit for our new large and very hungry pet. While doing so, an unkempt wizard attacked us in his madness, and we had to put him down. Khadi even tried to revive him after he had been first subded, and he and all nearby were thanked with a dying burst of acid.

On him we find Wrestler’s Gloves, and a map similar to the one we had just recieved. On its reverse was a striking image of a golden pyramid nestled in a clearing in the forest.

We continued on and found the area we thought matched the stylized depiction of the gate on the map, and made camp for the night.

Spider Lord Lair Crawl, Part II
Showdown with Zarguuth

Found another concealed door with an odd smell around it. We opened it to make sure we weren’t leaving something nasty behind us. A horrible stench of death wafted out, and we could see a pile of dead bodies. A group of dire rats attacked, so Sheva shut the door. (We actually got attacked, but as no one caught filth fever nor was significantly damaged, it barely qualifies as an encounter)

Continuing down the corridor, we saw that it opened ahead into a larger room with multiple exits. A group of goblins behind some crates on the far side of the room rang alarms (sounds like chimes, and broken glass). As we approached we noticed trip wires in the last 15 feet of hallway.

As we entered the room carefully to avoid triggering whatever trap those might be connected to, a goblin hexer dropped another vexing cloud on us. Also another group of goblins came at us from a tunnel to the left. This flanking force was quickly dispatched, and we moved in on the crate group. As we did so, the hexer said something to the goblin next to him, who then ran out an exit at the far left corner of the room.

We proceeded to kill the hexer and his allies, and found he had a magical rod (+1 Rod of Dark Reward).

After we caught our breath, we decided to head in the direction the runner had taken. The tunnel was wide but low on the sides, so everyone other than Yptyn needed to walk single file.

We continued along this tunnel and it opened up into a large room with a throne(?) in the center of the wall almost straight ahead as we emerged from the lower right corner. At the other end of the room was a rectangular vat of glowing green substance. a goblin near the vat filed a ladle with the goo, while another goblin bearing a similar ladle rant towards us and pitched the substance at us.

At the throne was the Spider Lord himself, along with a skullcleaver bodyguard, some kind of clay construct, a few goblin archers and minions. Once we were spotted in the tunnel, Zarguuth’s pet acid drake moved to challenge us by facing the tunnel flanked by yet more minions. As we closed to attack, the drake spat balls of acidic goo that damaged and temporarily blinded its targets. The party took the battle to the Drake and the left flank, while Yptyn and the guards held our right flank.

In this manner we rolled over this front line, and the main party force cut through the archers and right up upon Zarguuth’s core group, while on the right flank two waves of reinforcement minions were destroyed. Yptyn was able to flank Zarguuth and his defenders with a thunderwave, bunching the group against the wall in time for Boca to unleash a furious volley of breath and area attacks. After this softening-up, all but Zarguuth fell quickly to combined might of Sheva, Braak, Obak, backed up by Khadi and his spirit lemur. His inner circle thus obliterated, Zarguuth himself was mauled as he tried to escape past the group and through a door, and was left vulnerable to a fatal shot from one of the guards.

Meanwhile Obak moved towards the vat to eliminate the ladle goblins who had been harrasing us up to this point. As he got closer, another group of goblins appeared from around a blind corner (this end of the room extended further back and had laboratory equipment at the very back). He distracted these forces long enough for them to see the Spider Lord get cut down, at which point they attempted to flee. Only a very few eluded us this time by scrambling back into the warrens.

Beyond the door that Zarguuth had tried to escape through there was another skullcleaver and goblin. Sheva told them that only one would be taken prisoner – whichever of those two survived. So they turned on each other, and the skullcleaver easily slew his weaker companion. Behind the locked door they were guarding was the room where Velma, the imperial alchemist was being held. Fortunately for her, Zarguuth was trying to get her to cooperate willingly, so the room was comfortable and she was unharmed.

We interrogated and branded the prisoner, took a rest, and then went about collecting whatever loot we could find. Khadi saw another of the concealed doors across the room from the throne and he, Sheva, and Obak opened the door – triggering its spear trap. They quickly grabbed a chest of loot, exited the room, and closed the door. A pile of goods were left behind there, though it seemed only some fine silks there would likely have had any value.

We also retrieved the chest (that Count Gottfried had described to us as what the caravan was transporting) in the laboratory area. It contained 6 alchemical fire and 6 pouches of whatnot. With our mission completed, we left the way we had entered, and then made our way back to the Tiger Claw camp.

There we made arrangements to meet some dealers in magical items to see if any of our loot not well suited to us might be valuable to them. Late that night we might with a pair of civilized looking Bugbears (forgot their names) that offered to buy the Braak’s magic weapon for 550 gp. Also Two Clowns is interested in the Rod, but probably cannot afford it. Negotiations will continue next session…

The GM told us to prepare character sheets for level 4, as we may be able to get back to Clayton without incident, at which time we will level up

Spider Lord Lair Crawl
Necromancy Interruptus

After a short rest, we examined the room behind the next door. It had some goblin zombie minions that we quickly destroyed.

Near the end of that battle however, Obak got bored and went back to the intersection, and called out in the direction from which we could hear some distant sounds “Hey is anyone down this hallway?”. He received no reply, other than a noticible amount of noise now coming through the walls near him, which to Boca’s ears sounded like the cadence of a ritual casting – and the speaker seemed quite angry. We also noticed some smoke wafting through a crack in the wall near the floor, back in the direction from whence we first entered the complex.

Further investigation revealed a hidden door, which Obak and Braak helped Boca open. Inside it appeared a necromantic ritual of some sort was being performed. There were a number of tougher enemies in this room, including the undead half-made creature that was apparently the focus of the ritual, who lept from the ritual table and rushed to attack. Fighting them was not made easier when the necromancer filled the area with a vexing cloud.

Once all but one of the goblins were killed, the intimidated necromancer surrendered. We took his magical robes (+1 Robe of Resistance, Necrotic) and the staff that appeared to be powering the arcane platform used in the ritual (+1 Defensive Staff). We also found 100 gp worth of jewelry (apparently belonging to “The Former King”), 2 alchemical fire and 2 alchemical acid, and some necromantic ritual components which Braak smashed, much to the necro’s dismay.

We interrogated the necromancer, and explained that we were trying to rescue an imperial alchemist. He told us that she was indeed here, and being held by “Zarguuth”. He then said that if we planned on killing him, he’d be happy to help us with that, but there was no reason to mess with “Glaax”. He indicated we should continue down the hallway we had heard noises from to find the alchemist and her captors, and explained to how to spot and open the concealed doors of the complex. Sheva marked him and he was released.

After a rest we moved down the hallway towards the sounds we’d heard. We found a goblin living area, but most of the goblins fled deeper into the small tunnels of their warrens when we entered.

Moving on down the hallway we found another secret door. We opened it and saw the room beyond was a cavern with organized and prepared resistance led by a goblin commander named Slooki. Their assault force was quickly demolished, and we moved in to mop up the remnants, though again some goblins were able to retreat into the warrens. Obak claimed the commander’s magical short sword of cold (+1 Frost Weapon?), and we retrieved the bag of goblin healing dust (+2HP to healing surges used in a single rest period – 3 servings remain) that had been used in battle to heal the commander. Searching the area turned up 20gp as well as 500 sp of jewelry and other trinkets.

We continued further along the corridor and it opened into another large cavern with a raised area in the center. Here we were harried by a couple swarms of bats, and a large goblin abomination that grabbed Sheva with a tentacle and pulled him towards the platform.

Once vanquished, we discovered on its corpse a Ring of Whispering.

Return to Clayton
Mr. Mooney Makes Breakfast!

The GM asked us to arrive early for breakfast. Greg made his awesome pancakes, and Mr. Mooney made bacon and some apple hash. Good times!

Ran into an imperial trading caravan along road NE of pooter

Find “Only Inn”, spent the night there 400 cp for food, drinks, and lodging.

Made it to gate at Pooter . Met Bernie the tax assesor and declared approximately 180 gp of goods, paid 18 gp tax and got receipt.

During banter, we were asked if we ran into the “caravans”, we said we’d seen only one. Count Gottfried eventually met with us and we agreed he could ask for our help if he wanted to mount a search for the small group and the imperial alchemist. Khadi and Sheva met a half-orc guy at gates and so drank with him in the nearby pub.

Headed on that afternoon, camped that night, were alarmed by a squirrel

Made it to Clayton the next day, met with Baron, debriefed and feasted. Turns out spectral orb actually had a specter in it, so Yptyn relinquished it for credit towards gear Baron (& Dwarves, etc.) made available. Got two +1 leather armor and one belt with Baron’s crest and heal daily. We gave these to Obak, Khadi, and Sheva.

The Baron paid 9 gp to Yptyn for the tax receipt. He also kicked in 30 pc days of trail rations (i.e. enough for the 6 of us to eat normally for 5 days).

The party then reimbursed Yptyn the remaining 9 gp of the tax payment. Further, we had recieved 20gp as loot, sold the chest for 10 gp and it had 600cp left in it so less the 9 to Yptyn that makes: 27gp of party gold, which Yptyn currently holds.

We advanced to level 3!

Yptyn ask the Dwarves about a hand xbow – they are getting one in stock. He also made sure he had a full 7 days of trail rations as personal supply (distinct from the Baron’s gift).

We tell the Baron we are going to return to pooter to see if the count needs our help, then on to investigate Bile Spiders. Baron has little respect for the Count, but says he doesn’t mind terribly if we want to help him.

We return to Pooter, talk to count, turns out he wants us to search. Two (properly equipped) men of the guard join us, and show us what had been found while we were gone – the remnants of a campsite and some blood on the ground nearby.

Khadi spotted the distinctive tracks of spiders, and some goblins as well. We try to follow those tracks until it is time to make camp. We do so, and the guards are added to the existing watch order.

Sometime the next day we face a decision – continue following the tracks or take path leading to the barbarians of the area (Tiger Claws) to perhaps see what they know.

We head to the Tiger Claw camp, and make sure we are agreed that Sheva act as our “Alpha” with Braak as his “Champion”. We meet some goblins, a Barbarian, and a Tiefling “Two Clowns” at the entrance to their camp. After exchanging grunts and pleasantries, we are taken to meet with their Leader, Jackman the Destroyer (?). We feast and talk, and Boca and Yptyn talk with Two Clowns specifically. After he helps us with answers to initial questions, telling us:

It is very plausible that the Spider Lord has the imperial alchemist, as he has been showing an interest in things alchemical recently

Boca gives him 10 gp. He then becomes VERY helpful, giving us the info we need not only to get to the lair with a minimum of fighting, but also telling us of rumors of a “back door’.

The next morning we set out to the lair. As we entered the The Break, we ran into a spider web, and then the spider itself attacked. We bloodied it quickly so it ran off.

As we got closer to the lair, it was clear it was a dilapidated old stone walled house with a smaller stone building behind it. We made for the rear building, and discovered it was a mausoleum. We found a switch that opened doors into the structure, and yet another switch to open a sarcophagus. This led to a narrow passageway the opened up into stone passageways. Yptyn lead since he had stealth, low-light vision, and didn’t have to “squeeze”.

We encountered a fire skeleton and two fighter skeleton in the first room. Braak looted a portion of alchemical fire from the smoldering remains. (Greg is going to get info from book for next time)

Passing through the door lead us out into 10 foot wide tunnels and an intersection ahead. We continued past the intersection to a dead end with doors on both sides. Sheva and Obak forced open the door, and roused a room of spewing zombies. Once the room was cleared, those that hadn’t exerted themselves guarded the hallway, and those that needed a short rest went to the room.

Trust Issues
Sturm and Drang over Gems

Talked to family about missing gems. They decide to call in some divination magic. Will be ready next day.

Group wants to talk things over. We announce we are going to “take a look around”. Greeter suggests an astoundingly large and interesting tree two miles away. We decide it makes for a good excuse for us to get away and talk.

We discuss how to handle the situation. Some ideas are suggested, but nothing decided. Nobody claims responsibility. Finally Khadi suggests everyone dump their pack out now. Boca refuses, saying it is a bad idea. Several others do, including Braak – who looks as stunned as everyone else when the bag of gems comes tumbling out with his gear.

Obak draws his blade. Sheva and Khadi attack Braak, though the spirit companion refuses to do so. Boca steps in front of Braak. Yptyn creates a ghost sound of shouts from the edge of the clearing to “STOP!”.

Then a treant looking thing emerges from the giant tree, encases the attackers in briar cages and leaves.

Finally we patch ourselves up, and discuss what happened. Apparently Obak snuck the bag of gems into Braak’s pack because he was still mad about his tumble from the tree and spider incident.

We return to Tatulus and I inform my family that we no longer need divination, the story came out “and it was an opportunity for bonding” ;)

Made 50 gp on my share of the gems. Chipped in 12g 5s towards a health potion. Invested 45 gp in reagents. net -7g, 5s

They ask us to thin the numbers of a goblin tribe that has been sniffing around. We encounter them and discover they are the known as the”greenfangs”. Their bugbear leader bugged out, leaving behind one surviving goblin, who we interrogated.

Seems they have only recently arrived in the area. They had a run-in with a different tribe of goblins who called themselves the “Bile Spiders”. As it turns out, those greenfangs that survived that battle were the ones we just defeated. Intimidated and with no goblin kin to defend, he told us where their camp was nearby.

“But why you kill greenfangs huh? You should kill “Bile Spiders”. They much better to fight than us. So please to kill them and let me go?”

Sheva explained to him his protocol: We will let him go, but not before we carve Sheva’s mark on his arm. And anyone so marked who takes up arms against us ever again will be shown no mercy.

I retrieved 2 usable throwing daggers from the corpses.

We found their camp, which was completely abandoned. We retrieved a chest with 1000 cp in it.

That night during watch, the bugbear returned with reinforcements: A mage of some sort and a band of swordsmen and archers. We managed to survive that fight as well, but just barely. This time we were able to take one of the human henchmen captive, he admitted that the bugbear had approached an evil mage to help him find and defeat us and split whatever loot we carried.

Once further interrogation revealed nothing interesting, our latest captive was informed of our protocol and released, bearing the mark of Sheva.

Yptyn claimed the magic orb (+1) found on the mage.

Our First Mission
Trade Relations

The Baron – Baron Von Clankenmoore has selected a team of able courtiers and militiamen to travel to the town of Tatulus and propose diplomatic and trade relations with the Gnomes of the northern forest.

Obviously Yptyn was chosen as it is his hometown. The Baron also selected other hardy souls:

  • Boca – Dragonborn Sorceror
  • Braak – Dwarven Fighter
  • Khadi – Dwarven Shaman; raised by half-orcs, adopted sister of Sheva
  • Obak – Human Ranger; nephew to the Baron
  • Sheva – Half-Orc Fighter; Khadi’s brother

We are to invite the Gnomes to feast with the Baron in Clayton this summer. We were given gifts as well as a number of trade goods to show good faith. We are to return to Clayton by the imperial road (east of forest and passes through Pooter )and be noticed by imperial agents as having opened trade with the Gnomes by declaring trade goods from Tatulus and being clear that is where they are from. We are then to return to Clayton.

We were also given the opportunity to buy gems from some dwarves at “wholesale” prices. Yptyn invested 25g, and as a group 95gp total.

We were asked NOT to be seen leaving town. We are snuck out of town in the early hours and started out about two miles west of Clayton. We headed north to The Break – the area in the forest where the younger thicker forest gives way to the larger old growth forest where the gnomes live.

In the difficult terrain, we almost blunder into a spiderweb. As we came to a stop to determine a course of action, we were attacked by a giant spider. After we defeated it. we found what appeared to be its nest nearby. Two cocoons hung from the branch of a giant tree, and one was suspiciously the shape and size of a child. And it moved from time to time.

So Obak climbed up to tie a rope to the cocoon so we could cut it loose and lower it down. Predictably, as he began to sever the final cords of the webbing, a carpet of spiders swarmed towards him from higher in the tree. The rope was already tied to the cocoon, so Obak finished cutting the cocoon free and jumped on, hoping to be lowered down before the spiders could reach him.

Unfortunately, the combined weight was greater than Braak’s weight, who was holding the other end. As soon as he felt himself being yanked into the air, he let go. This brought Obak and the cocoon crashing down at our feet. The swarms dispacthed, we tended to the wounded and somehow managed to open the coccon.

Inside was a gnome, clinging to life. We stabilized him, and made camp. The other cocoon turned out to hold a freshly killed deer, so we ate well at least. Obak seemed somewhat upset about being dropped. Braak explained that since he can’t fly, he can’t help from up in the air. And he never agreed to be a counter-weight.

In the morning our rescued gnome friend came around. We learned Jyppytty was also from Tatulus, a member of a family I knew of. In gratitude (and also intimidated by Khadi’s spirit companion), he was sure he could lead us home that same day.

Sure enough, later that day we found Tatulus close nearby at the time it began the traditional ‘heralding of dusk’ ceremonies. Everyone save the half-orcs made themselves presentable (with the help of some prestidigitation magic). Those chars gained +2 diplomacy for the coming meeting; the half-orcs gained +2 intimidation.

We also decided to do an inventory before we announced what we had, to make sure we still had it. Everything was accounted for and in good condition, except that the bag holding the gems was missing.

We approached the gnome greeter, we explained our business, and an audience was arranged in an hour. During that time Yptyn discussed his mission with his family for advice. They inspected the trade goods and suggest which families would have the most interest in each.

Then we met with Ku, the gnome cheiftan. He appreciated the gifts, especially the alchohol. In fact looking through the gifts was enough for him to immediately call for a feast. He seemed amenable to the Baron’s offer. The only friction was when Sheva tried to get too fresh with a gnomish ranger he had decided to focus on. The leader let him know there were limits to his hospitality.

Heroes Are Made, Not Born

I’m originally from Tatulus, a mobile gnome city assembled in the treetops of the Tall Woods.

I currently live in Clayton under the patronage of Baron Von Clankenmoore, where I am a part of his retinue of low-power mages & sages.

Most of the other PCs I have seen around Clayton during my time there, even if just in the Baron’s Great Hall for feasts, festivals, and other gatherings.

We met as a group the for the first time today and worked on our characters. I was actually going to play an Eladrin Wizard named Ziro, but the GM didn’t feel that race was right for the area. So I created Yptyn instead

I also learned how to play Agricola today

Welcome to the Mooney Campign Blog
"Don't be mad Mr. Mooney"

As I mentioned on the Home Page, I am not the GM of this campaign, but I do run the character Yptyn. The entries that follow are written from his perspective.


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