Body of Work

Reunited doesn't feel so good

After the battle with the Ice Demon ended, Yptyn asked Vyrellis what the hell that was all about. She said he was known as Thraath Zorn, and was the first threat to be imprisoned in the pyramid that was not an associate of Karavakos. As for why he was so mad at her, she explained that she was part of the group that had put him here. We searched the room and the anteroom at the back, but found it to be nothing more than a magical meat locker.

While we rested, we were harrased by a couple of archers. Yptyn tried to convince them diplomatically that there was no reason for us to fight, but that just prompted them to try to convince him to join them. Yptyn declined, telling them that getting on Sheva’s bad side was a spectacularly stupid idea.

We drove them off, but that means they are still out there somewhere.

So when we looked through the north door and saw a room with a split staircase leading up around the walls with a central pit, Yptyn said “not only does this look like a trap designed to throw at least one of us into the pit, but also a really bad place to be exposed if one had archers set on harassing them while vulnerable.”

We decided that while we probably were going to have to deal with this room sooner or later, it would be best if we could do so after the archers have been dealt with.

That left us to explore the room to the west, and in there was a strange sight – a headless body suspended between four pillars by crackling beams of energy apparently emanating from crystals on top of those pylons. Once Vyrellis saw it, she immediately began to shout “My body! My body! You must retrieve my body!”

Somehow knocking over the pillars became a contest of strength between Sheva, Brack, and Gargan, whith Khadi cheering Sheva on. Once one of the pillars went over, the body fell to the ground. As Yptyn attempted to cautiously draw closer, the obsidian orb containing Vyrellis was yanked from his hand by a tremendous force and embedded itself into the chest of the body…and she started screaming in pain.

Apparently this was simply an elaborate trap and torture for the disembodied eladrin and her bearers – surprise surprise. The body began to fight us and we were forced to destroy it in order to free Vyrellis. She is now depleted and demoralized from this experience.

[We received 600 xp for the encounter with Thrath Zorn and his chill zombies and Vyrellis’ body]



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