Ice Ice Baby

Hatin' on Vyrellis

We headed down the corridor across from the chapel of the succubus.

We started to notice vines intruding along the walls, and such vegetation gradually increased until we came into a larger jungle like area. The creatures here were under the control of Kamnor, and led us to him again. We told him of our triumph over Gharish Vren and the Succubus. This caused another of his “episodes”, where he mused aloud that once we make our escape our combined power could be used to dominate the land and make the world obey Melora. He then collected his wits, and the only further questionable behavior was asking us to swear an oath to Melora (with the implication that this might be submitting to his interpretation of her will). Only Khadi complied, though everyone else’s rationale for declining seemed acceptable…aside from Brack’s fumbled diplomacy check. In addition to the ceremony to swear her allegiance, she opted to also perform her arboreal totem ritual as well, and Kamnor eagerly participated. The rest of the party was asked to merely symbolicly pantomime letting some of their blood at the appropriate point in the proceedings.

We received sufficient (800) xp to level up, and we were able to do so while we rested in Kamnor’s sanctum, and he even assisted in creating some magical items for us.

Examining our map, we concluded there were only a few passages we had yet to explore: the passage north of the bone pile room, or the door north of the water room that Vyrellis had previously warned us against until we were more powerful. So, feeling more powerful after our recent conquests, we decided to give it a shot.

Through that door was a room with exits to the west and east. The east exit had an ornate set of double doors rimed with ice. Upon opening the doors, a blast of cold radiated out into the hallway. In the room were several pillars of ice, which upon closer examination seemed to have humanoid figures encased within. Then a demonic creature of frost entered from the south of this room and attacked. Meanwhile, one by one the humanoid figures were released and were revealed to be zombies of some sort.

When Yptyn readied the head of Vyrellis to use her new daily power upon the demon, he recognized her and began demanding we hand her over for her crimes or wotnot. We were able to destroy all the undead and drop the demon, but it was an extremely close battle.

[Earlier we had found in a secret area in the succubus’ chapel a pair of Couters of 2nd Chance, with an additional effect of granting +1 to combat heal checks. From a chest in Gharish Vren’s room we retrieved a 5 usable Moonstones – one was crushed as we were forced to smash the chest open – and a black pearl. We also retrieved a moonstone from a statue in a smallish chamber off the lizard man water tube room which seemed to pass energy to Vyrellis. We also found a similar effect from a large (broach-sized) garnet in the chapel room, and it appears these are bits of Vyrellis’ life energy being returned to her]



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