Life and Undeath

Rest for the Wicked. And Now for Us as Well.

We rested up, then decided to check the Charnal Lord Pit for treasure. Since Yptyn can detect magic, he was elected to ride the trap along with Sheva to see what we could find.

In an attempt to position ourselves near the wall we had made handholds in, Yptyn inadvertantly triggered the trap. We tumbled down the ramp, with Sheva catching himself easily and Yptyn barely catching himself on the edge of the pit. The Yptyn detected both negative and natural magic energies, but only the latter were sufficiently concentrated to indicate that it might be harvestable.

So we called for Khadi to come on down, and she almost managed to bowl Yptyn over as she tumbled down and into the pit. She and Sheva harvested parts and sensory organs from the carcass, and used Sheva’s cloak to wrap them up in [creating the “Hobo Bag of Horrid Charnal Lord Parts”]. The bag was big, bulky, and gross, but Khadi hauled it around anyway and it didn’t seem to slow her down any.

Next we decided that now that the priest and the lord were defeated, we could finally destroy the undead that Vyrellis had indicated could be found north of the entrance room. To get there, we took the stairs out of the trap room and found ourselves at the door to the southern alcove of the water room. As long as we were there, we went up to the north door, and Yptyn asked V if she knew anything about what was beyond. She seemed to fade into the distance, then returned looking disheveled and as if she had been exposed to a fierce winter storm.

“Don’t go that way” she said.

So we returned to the entrance room, then headed north. We found that the passage way branched east and continued north, and just past this T intersection on the left was a set of double doors.

We entered them into a room with another set of double doors on the right, and a room partially filled with a large pile of bones. We were set upon by Charnal Rats and a swarm of babies. We destroyed them fairly easily, with a couple of them fleeing back into the bone pile. Khadi insisted we dig through the bones, and doing so we were attacked by the rats again, but this time they were all finally destroyed.

We opened the other set of doors and were partially buried in more bones.

We then returned to the hedge room to take another extended rest. It was interrupted by another shambling mound who this time was accompanyed by a [kruthik]. Behind them was a robed figure who turned out to be Kamnor and a huge bear. We were also flanked by two more arboreals. Kamnor shouted out a challenge invoking Melora’s name, and Khadi responded that she too revered the Goddess of Nature.

This seemed to lessen Kamnor’s aggression, but he still insisted that potential allies should be tested. Only the mound and the [kruthik] continued to attack, and after a brief confrontation Yptyn managed to subdue both with a well placed thunderwave. Seeing both our strength and restraint, Kamnor called for a truce and a parley.

He explained that he and his allies had been trapped in this prison and were holding this area against the forces of the Charnal Lord. Khadi told him we had defeated the abomination, and turned over the Hobo Bag of Horrid Charnal Lord Parts as proof and peace offering. Kamnor accepted us as allies, and let us know he could provide us with sanctuary so that our extended rests would now be completed without incident.



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