Pyramid Exploration

Don't Stop. But Definitely Don't Keep Moving!

We decided to press on and not try to take an extended rest after the battle at the end of the previous session.

Khadi stated that our priority should be to kill the undead that is to the north of the entrance/pit room, but Vyrellis indicated we’d need to kill the forces creating them for that to be effective. She thought there was an evil priest of some kind in the “water creature” area to the west.

We tried to dash past the corpse pit, but Brack was wacked by a tentacle, so we engaged and killed the carrion crawlers that had survived our initial encounter with them.

The room to the west had a lowered floor filled with water, and at the door level there was a wooden rope bridge descending to a platform on the far side. Two similar rope bridges led up from that platform to the left and right into alcoves.

As we entered, two harpies attacked, and their song drew Yptyn out into the water. In the water was a shahaguin priest and warriors which attacked. Only one of the Harpies survived to escape, but we were severely drained and damaged by the encounter. We attempted to rest in the water room, but were pestered by minor creatures living in the water and zombies wandering down from the corpse pit behind us.

We returned to the garden room to attempt an extended rest there. [We were given 600xp at this point, so those who were still at level 5 could level up]

We were disturbed by an attack consisting of a Satyr, a Shambling Mound, and another Arboreal. Only the Satyr managed to escape. We were pestered by minor creatures here too, and everyone started the day down at least one healing surge, and Yptyn’s feeble endurance was taxed (-1 to hit and damage for the day).

We consulted again with V., and she indicated that exploring out the two exits from the water room might put us into encounters we weren’t yet ready to handle. She also still insisted that the “Lord” of the area south and west of us would need to be faced to stop the threat of the undead, but that might also be to much for us to handle as of yet.

Khadi however hates undead and other abominations, so decided that if we must face a “Lord” using or creating undead then now was the time. So we headed west from the garden room, and through an “S” shaped corridor. As we progressed Yptyn detected negative magical energies, and a squeeze through a final narrow passage into an anteroom with a door gave us a sensation of passing into a different plane.

We opened a set of double doors, and saw a long room with statues of robed figures on either end facing each other. there was a stairway directly across the room from where we entered, and another set of double doors on the far end. We decided to check the doors first, but as we crossed the room as a group the floor gave way and threw us down a ramp into a pit.

In the pit was a huge disgusting creature, much like an Otyugh but reeking of the stench of undeath and protected by a bony matrix of its former victims. Yptyn and Khadi fell all the way down and were face to face with it, and quickly discovered being that close created a revulsion so strong it was almost impossible to look at it, let alone direct attacks in its direction [-2 to hit if directly adjacent].

The more athletically inclined members of the party had managed to catch themselves on the ramp or at the edge, but climbed and jumped down in order to protect the female dwarf and diminutive gnome lest they become a quick snack.

Despite their revulsion, the party deployed themselves so that everyone had the benefit of flanking, and in a tough fight managed to kill the horrid abomination. We then used a climbing kit to make our way back up the ramp to discover how to activate the trap in such a way as to return us to the room and away from the disgusting carcass. We did so with relatively minor mishaps (Yptyn fell back into the pit trying to get past Sheva in the corner were we could examine and activate the mechanism, and Brack was momentarily left behind when we subsequently triggered it).



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