Into the Pyramid of Shadows

To Face Karavakos?

After we rested following the battle with Sam and Yan, we decided to head to Nobalius. On the way, Brack and Yptyn took the slight detour into Zun to explain what had occurred at Zun Peak Springs & Grove, and that the couple had been slain before we could help them.

As we approached Nobalius, we saw a group of mounted knights practicing formation movement. So we approached them and were met by Shieldman Betteah (betty-eh). Sheva threw Yan’s (headless) body to the ground, and Yptyn explained we had come to warn the Lords of Nobalius of a threat we had discovered against them. Betteah then brought his liege, Lord Kernanish, over to hear our report. Yptyn gave a recounting of what we had learned, and Brack mentioned we had retrieved documents from Sharli’s corpse, which they asked if we could turn over to them. They thanked us for our diligence in making them aware of this threat, but mentioned that the Lords had many who held grudges against them and it might be of little further consequence.

They offered to share hospitality with us in town, but only if Sheva would put away his collection of skulls and heads. This offended both he and Khadi, so they announced they would not stay for more insults and walked off. Yptyn apologized if his companions appeared rude or uncouth, but that while their customs were very different they have proven to be brave and worthy companions in our adventures so far. Kernanish replied that he had meant no offense and that surely Yptyn and Brack understood why he had made the request.

He asked if we had any further business, and Yptyn explained the party’s plan to re-open Talon Pass and to claim the keep as a base of operations, and that while we felt we had earned the right to do so by conquest, we still did not wish to seem presumptious to do so without the blessing of the nearby Lords and/or representatives of the Imperium. Kernanish agreed that claiming just the keep was well within our rights, but we should not presume to take any of the lands surrounding it without it being granted, and to do that we’d probably need to be titled. He suggested we speak to Jura, Princess of Svenschtupp when we were ready.

We returned than to Shrnell’s Tower and were greated by him and his men enthusiastically, heard our reports of our adventures putting down the undead and their masters, and we saw the black dragon’s head had been mounted for all to see. While we feasted, we were approached by a Goliath named Gargan, who was looking for a group to help him take revenge against Gharish Vrenn. We explained that we had started this leg of our our adventure trying to capture that bandit for the reward, had learned he was hiding in the area of the Pyramid of Shadows, and that was now finally our destination.

That night, after our intention to return to The Shadows was finalized, Karavakos entered our dreams again. Khadi and Yptyn were slightly drained the next day by the experience.

We returned next to TPK, and felt that Dweezil now understood our aims and had earned our trust left him in command of his Kobold brethren in our absence while explored the Pyramid.

We then returned to the Shadows, passed through the Crooked Gate, and arrived at the location where we had encountered the arboreals previously. They appeared, and we explained our intention to approach the Pyramid. The sent us along a path made by the foliage parting before and after us, and traveling through the forest in this manner we eventually came upon a clearing.

In the clearing we found a small golden pyramid apparently infused with magic. After some debate on how to proceed, Khadi touched the Pyramid, and either it grew or we shrank, and then we found ourselves inside it…

...right into an encounter with an ettin and a pit featuring two carrion crawlers and periodically some zombies arose from the corpses in the pit. We killed the ettin, destroyed the attacking zombies, and drove off the crawlers. Investigating the area we found a bag containing a magical black globe. Inside the globe appeared the face of an eladrin princess. She seemed to prefer being held by Brack, but eventally consented to be kept by Yptyn after refusing Khadi’s offer to bear her along.

Her name is Vyrellis, and she shared what she knows of Karavokos and the Pyramid. Apparently Karavakos had created the Pyramid as a mobile fortress to further his plans of world domination, but had been defeated and it was made into a prison for him. He was split into multiple aspects to diminish his power, and we were likely going to have to find and defeat all of them in order to escape.

She was able to describe the immediate area: There were undead to the north, water creatures down the stairs to the west, lizard men to the east, and “Khad’s friends” to the south. She also mentioned that a group of adventurers had passed through recently and headed to the northeast(?).

Since we hoped we might gain some potential allies, we headed south, and found the corridor had vines and roots intruding into it, and finally opened up into a large room where we could no longer see the ceiling and filled by a large garden and hedge maze. We encountered a Dire Boar at a pool as we came around a corner. While fighting it, we were flanked by arboreals and also what appeared to be an attractive female adventurer came running towards us calling out for help, but turned into a hag as she got close and attacked. Khadi tried to get the arboreals to stand down by announcing her devotion to Melora, but they derided her faith and said she should be worshipping Cameron(?) instead.

[We retrieved 27 gp, 2 bottles of wine and 1 of brandy, and some historical scrolls from Sam’s hut. Shrnell gave us 100 gp for our assistance in thwarting the undead threat. Brack sold the elaborate lacquered armor and the sword for 80gp.

We received 100 xp so far for our adventures in the Pyramid]



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