Paranoia Grove

A Young Couple Dies, but so does Sam

Yptyn used the Comprehend Languages Spell to decipher the documents found on Sharli’s body. It seems she was in the employ of an individual from the east named Yan, who has a grudge against the Lords of Nobalius.

We found the young couple nearby, traped in a natural cage of branches, roots and vines. We discussed their fate, wether we could trust them or not, and if maybe we should use them as bait. This seemed to agitate them, and they became wary of us. Yptyn explained to them that with all we had gone through we were as paranoid and confused as they were, which they seemed to understand. We sent them to try to find the druid in the grove while we stayed behind to rest and investigate the portal.

Further investigation of the portal revealed that it is probably an artifact left behind by the Primordials. Khadi was unable to activate it, and felt she was not in touch with the correct spirits to do so.

We then headed to the Zun Springs Grove, and as we approached the young couple flagged us down and said they had a message from the druid. We could take the contents of the chest in his camp, or travel to the end of the wash and meet our doom. We let the couple lead us to the druid’s campsite, and found a lean-to with freshly prepared meals and wine set out. There was also an elaborate chest there, probably originally used to protect Imperial Payroll gold during shipment.

We checked the chest for traps, and found it had a nasty double trap. Dweezil with Yptyn’s assistance managed to disarm it. Inside was golden statue.

Some in the party were suspicious of the food and wine, but the couple said they had consumed some and felt fine. Khadi then raised doubts in their minds about that when she checked them, seemed concerned, and brewed them a tea from natural herbs found in the area. The rest of the party foraged for a meal, and the couple decided not to push their luck and were fed from the party rations. Yptyn threw caution to the winds and enjoyed the druid’s hospitality. This caused Khadi to search in earnest for some real healing herbs in the morning and made another batch of tea for the couple and Yptyn.

Eventhough Brack and Yptyn were uneasy about allowing the couple to travel without protection, Khadi and Sheva were adamant that we could not risk any deception involving the couple. We told them to try to make their way back to Zun without us, and wished them luck. We headed down the wash that exited the grove, not sure if we should try to call the Druid’s bluff and face him, or simply head to Nobalius directly to report the threat we had uncovered. As we traveled. the couple was seen shadowing us off to the side of the wash. Sheva told them they had best move on and away from us.

We were unable to find anything at any location that could be described as “the end of the wash”, so we felt our decision had been made for us and we took the path back towards Nobalius. which would also be the path back to Zun. This is important because there was some discussion of calling out the leadership of Zun for allowing Sam to operate from there. Or maybe just challenge Fez because Sheva doesn’t like him.

Along the way, we found evidence of a scuffle, and a piece of torn bloody clothing that seemed like it could have come from the young woman. Tracks led back west, towards where another set of barrow mounds were supposed to lie. We headed in that direction, suspecting the threat from the mounds was apparently not yet finished despite vanquishing Sharli.

At the mounds we opened a door, and inside were some relatively weak undead. But as we started to mop them up, we were flanked by some wights, and a hooded figure in eastern garb made an appearance on top of the mound we were facing.

And then Sam joined in as well.

During the fight, Yptyn had retreated near a mound with a closed door, and heard some scratching sounds from within. Towards the end of the battle, while Sam was retreating again in gaseous form, and Yan was being swarmed by the rest of the party, Yptyn heard screams from inside the barrow. Then two undead fighters and one of the undead puma burst out of the door and attacked him. The puma appeared to covered in fresh gore, entrails dripping from its maw.

Yptyn made an expeditious retreat from these new threats and towards Sam, joining with Sheva and Khadi to chase him down. The Oni was ultimately dispatched by Sheva’s archery skills. Dweezil and Brack meanwhile finished off the remaining combatants at the mounds, and found the shredded bodies of the young couple inside the barrow the puma had exited.

Sheva took Yan’s head as a trophy, and we collected his body to bring along to Nobalious.

[We found a +2 Orb on Yan, and a +1 Longbow on the body of one of the more powerful combatants we had faced, and we recieved 360 XP]



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