The Ugly Side of Nature

Slammin' Sam and Sharli

Went to Zun and talked to Fez who was responsible for guarding the small town.

They main focus of the town center is a well, which has a newer gazebo built over much older stonework, perhaps of dwarven make.

Fez claimed they have not seen any undead, and the only unusual news was reports of a party of wounded pilgrims fleeing along the nearby road that needed some healing.

Fez agreed to accompany us out to the nearest barrows, where the town buried their dead. On the way there we saw a small hut, and Fez said a hermit named Sam lived there.

We found nothing untoward in their barrows.

We then met with the town elders, represented by Tazula.

We spent the night a hundred yards or so away from the town center, near a goat pen. While Sheva was on watch, Sam ambled toward our camp. Sheva warned him to keep his distance, and Sam replied he was just out on patrol and gave Sheva the stink-eye.

Later we were attacked by some skeleton archers. Once we began to engage them, a group of wights flanked us from the goat pen. Finally a large winged humanoid figure flew overhead and landed to flank us on the other side of the wights. We killed all the undead and drove off the strange winged figure, who grabbed Sheva’s dropped bow before he fled.

Fez and some town guardsmen were seen to have observed the battle. While Fez seemed relatively unmoved, the more inexperienced townsmen were clearly in awe of what they had just witnessed.

We went out to talk to Sam to see if he knew anything of what had happened, since he had wandered by not long before the attack. He claimed not to know anything, and said he’d come into town that night to meet with us and the elders. He also mentioned that now that our story of dangerous undead had been confirmed, he was a bit concerned about a young couple he had sent to the spring grove to deliver some wine to the druid there, receive his blessings, and honeymoon there.

The elders that night confirmed that the young attractive couple were indeed gone, and we were asked to try to find them and protect them from danger.

We then investigated the next closest barrow mound, and found they had been picked clean of all but the most decrepid of bones.

We then headed for Zun peak, and the spring which flowed from its side. After some discussion on how to make our approach, we decided to go to the spring first, then follow the flow to the grove.

After a fairly difficult scramble around the base of the mountain, we noticed a somewhat odd rock formation in the distance, and we decided to investigate. As we approached it appeared to be a ravine in the side of the mountain, but the details were obscured somehow. As we finally drew close, we penetrated whatever glamour was masking the area and could see what appeared to be a stone portal up against a large flat cliff where the ravine met the mountain. Large square stone blocks a few inches high but several feet across were set in the ground before it, forming something of a path. As we approached, we saw Sam, who then changed form into the large winged figure we had seen previously. At this point Dweezil recognized the monster as an Oni (from stories he’d heard from other Kobold tribes). After we engaged him in battle, a wight and some kind of massive undead bear with gems for eyes attacked as well. Sam was badly damaged quickly by our attacks, and called out “Sharli, you bitch, I need your hepl!” then attempted to flee by changing into a gaseous form and floating away.

Shortly there after a beautiful woman and an undead puma appeared and joined the attack. She responded “Sam, if you can’t handle these meddlers then why do I bother to pay you? You are fired – get out of here”.

We ultimately prevailed over all the undead foes, but Sam was able to float away out of reach. On Sharli’s body, which once she was dead transformed into a old scarred hag, we found various voodoo magic implements and documents written in an indecipherable script.

[We received 450 xp for the battle at Zun and the battle with Sam and Sharli at the portal]



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