Through The Talon Pass, Again

From growth to undeath

Khadi returned to us the following morning, none the worse for the wear apparently. We agreed that we would return to The Buskin to fulfill our agreement to “discourage” the rising tide of undead.

On the way back, we spotted an orc scout, and ran him down. He was from the warfist tribe (?). We explained to him that we are not enemies of theirs unless they would be so foolish as to attack. We told him we had also encountered the nightfist orcs and despite our efforts to parley, they initiated hostilities and payed the price for their foolishness. We told him to tell his people we were going to be re-opening the Talon Pass, and they are not to harass travelers trying to use it. On the other hand, we would be happy to help them directly ourselves should they need it, or by allowing them access to peaceful trade along the route.

We made it back to our new base, and camped for the night. We all had dreams that showed us a vision of travelling through twisty passages through the mountain emerging at the cave where the spiretop drakes nested, and below that another entrace with the remains of the Kobolds that had served Skat.

The next morning we made our way around the mountain and entered the cave of the Kobolds. Desipite the treacherous defense set, Yptyn’s stinking cloud completely destroyed their tactical advantage as we crossed a trench to reach their main camp. Upon seeing how hopelessly outmatched they were, the Kobolds surrendered to us. We told them of our plans to re-open Talon Pass and to make the dungeon complex on the other side of the mountain our base of operations. As with the warfist, we warned them not to mess with travelers using the pass, but would make sure their needs were met as our minions. We gave them some trail rations as a show of good faith.



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