Return to the Shadows

Shrub dudes do weird things to Khadi

We returned to The Buskin and turned the head of the black dragon Skat over to Lord Shrnell’s men, as agreed. We were treated as heroes by the farmer peasants there, and had a dinner of goat meat. One of the Lord’s men, dude, said they had investigated an old barrow and he had lost a man there to the undead. We agreed to check it out in the afternoon while our feast was being prepared.

Two of the barrows were empty, but a third had some zombie snakes and skeletons in it, apparently lead by a wraith. We kicked their butts and demonstrated that we are indeed a capable party.

We then had to head all the way back to the shadows to turn over the Jade Chalice to the shrub people who had given this quest to us. In the morning after our first night of camping, a large rock was tossed into our camp and bonked Sheva on the head. Attached to the rock was a note, claiming “Dis be my rode – u pay me 100 guld to pass threw”. Khadi pinned the note to a tree, and peed on it.

We made it through Talon Pass, and the only incident was meeting a tiefling named Alec, with a halfling named Jody and an unnamed goblin. We shared a quick meal with them to demonstrate our peaceful intentions. They seemed surprised at our intention to re-open the pass and provide lodging and supplies. We asked him what we could stock up on for him, and he asked for ?

We made it back through the “Crooked Gate”, and stopped at the location where previously we had been told we should not go further without repurcussions. The shrub dudes showed up, accepted the Jade Chalice from Khadi, and rather than return our original items, handed Sheva a set of +1 leather armor, with two properties (basically acts as Armor of Repulsion and a Belt of Poison or whatnot).

Khadi left us to go train, and the rest of us were asked to help collect some fresh kill for further rituals. As we left we noticed them doing funky things to Khadi’s chest. The animals we were tasked to kill turned out to be shadow hounds, and we killed one and drove the other off.



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