Attrition in Talon Pass Keep

Sometime between the last entry and the next, both Boca and Obak were killed.

We had found a room with tapestries on the walls and hung in the center of the room. We fought off some dire rats and rat swarms, but in the course of that we had triggered some arbolesters and they started firing upon us. Unfortunately they had been programmed to focus fire on anyone who had passed the furthest tapestry hung in the center of the room, and Boca had stepped across that line to deliver the killing blow to the rat swarm while she herself had become bloodied. She was then felled by a powerful volley of their missiles. The rest of the party were able to kill them, while Obak took care of the tapestries by burning them.

We found a secret door into an area that seemed as it had not been entered in centuries, and hid Boca’s body there. We then continued out into another area. Further exploration uncovered more undead, which we destroyed.

Finally we found a room with a ramp up to and through an archway. An imp heckled us and disappeared. We were attacked again in this room but again we prevailed. We then headed up the ramp and opened the doors. They saw a room shaped like an inverted ziggurat, and Obak and Sheva entered.

When they did, a portcullis dropped in the doorway, and doors opened and allowed undead into the area where Sheva and Obak were now trapped separated from the party. While they defended themselves, the two dwarves Brack and Khadi managed to lift the dropped gate and allow the rest of the party inside. Obak was able to climb to the higher levels, and saw a robed figure messing with some controls, and was harrased by the imp we saw earlier. As the rest of the party struggled to try to reach the top, Obak was able to drive the wizard from the controls, and he attempted to manipulate or destroy them in hopes that would help the party.

But he had taken too much damage and had been too long separated from his healer to spend even more time on this solo mission, and was killed by the devious imp. The rest of the part was able to finally reach the top level and kill the wizard, then they retrieved Obak’s corpse.

Along the way we found some jade relics, including the jade chalice that Khadi had promised to the Arboreals.

Yptyn used his Tenser’s Floating Disk ritual to allow us to transport the bodies to the nearest outpost of civilization: Shrnell’s Tower. There we paid 100gp to have the bodies shipped to Clayton.



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